Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)When is club volleyball season?

A.)Club season starts with tryouts in November followed by the start of practices. The bulk of the competitive travel season runs January through the end of June.

Q.)How many times a week do you practice?

A.)Teams will practice an average of two times per week.


Q.)Where and how often are tournaments?

A.)Teams will play an average of two tournaments per month. Mandatory tournaments are often held in L.A./Orange County areas and at the American Sports Center in Anaheim.  One Mandatory tournament is held in the San Diego area, for our end of the year annual Starlings USA Volleyball Tournament.


Q.)What does it cost to play for Tehachapi Starlings Volleyball?

A.)Club dues for the upcoming season are as follows...

Two payments of $425 = $850 Total. Each athlete’s club dues cover costs associated with their USA Volleyball membership, SCVA tournament entry fees, coaching stipends, jerseys, and team equipment. Any fees associated with travel (i.e. transportation, hotels, meals, etc) are not included in the athlete’s club dues and are the responsibility of the parents.

Q.)What makes Tehachapi Starlings Volleyball Club different from other clubs?

A.)Tehachapi Starlings Volleyball Club is committed to providing the best possible club volleyball experience for our athletes and families without the inflated price tag you might find if you travel to any other club in the State. 

Q.)What can my daughter expect in terms of playing time?

A.)Tehachapi Starlings Volleyball Club does not offer any guarantee of playing time to any athlete. Our purpose is to compete and be successful at the highest levels locally and nationally. While our coaches will do their best to get all team members on the court to get valuable competitive experience, our coaches’ priority at tournaments is making decisions that are in the best interest of the team as a whole and its success. Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle, and match dynamics. All athletes will have equal opportunity to play, compete, learn, and improve during all practice sessions, assuming their attendance at practices is consistent.

Q.)How many players are on a team?

A.)The number of players of each is capped at 12 players. Rosters with 12 athletes allow for better training opportunities during practice sessions as it allows our teams to play 6 on 6 volleyball to best prepare for competition.