Image by Jerry Mathes,
2017 T-Town Tournament

Get Yourself Sponsored!

Players, get your Starlings Fees Paid with Sponsorships!

Yes! You CAN get your ENTIRE Starlings fee covered, but it does require a little effort on your part. Here's what you need to do: 


STEP 1: Download the file on this page titled, "StarlingsPersonalSponsorLetter-Generic.doc"


STEP 2: Save it into your computer or desktop where you know where to find it.


STEP 3: Either keep it as is, or add things in the letter about yourself to make it more personal. For example, what's your favorite position on the court? Talk about that! Why do you LOVE to play volleyball? How does it make you feel? How has it helped you to be more successful, both on and off the court? Do you have future plans for volleyball? Talk about any or all of these things in your letter. Doing so will give your potential sponsors a good reason why they might want to give to your "cause."


STEP 4: Add YOUR NAME and ADDRESS to the letter so that folks know WHO they need to give credit to in the "memo" portion of their check. This is important so that your club director and club treasurer can keep track of how much money you have raised for your dues.


STEP 5: Save your work and PRINT out as many letters as you think you can send out. Try to think of atleast twenty (20) people who you can send out these sponsorship letters to. They could be your grandparents, aunts, uncles, close family friends, co-workers of your parents, and even businesses around town. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS AND ADDS UP!!! 


STEP 6: Put those letters in the mail and send them out at the very beginning of the season, as soon as you go to try-outs. Be pro-active in getting your sponsorship letters out, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!